Beware The Food Beast


Feed Often, Do Not Become Hangry

Eating Food On Cheat Day & I Feel Bad For The Food


Let me elaborate on what it means to eat often to a fitness enthusiast like myself. Having a stand off with your meal for so long  you cause yourself to be hangry , which means gobbling it up angrily while sitting alone because everyone is afraid of you. This is all real talk. Do not let it discourage you from taking the plunge. Look at how many of us are still here, gagging down Protein/Carbs/Fat six times a day because this lifestyle has so many positive results that outweigh the negatives. These are thoughts and feelings that every athlete has when it is time to microwave the next meal. I mean, I know there is probably at least once athlete who wouldn’t agree with me.  I will explain  the ever so familiar childish tantrum. Resembling them in adult emotions. Denial, grief and sorrow  grip my throat before every measured ,calculated,packaged and reheated meal I eat. There is  another something we do as body builders, we over indulge and use the term cheat day. What message would you take away from that if you had never stepped into a gym before? I know that I would cheat all day and probably not stop when I felt full.

All body building diets are pretty similar in quantity of meals and timing between eating throughout the day. The variances are usually whether an athlete is bulking, cutting or prepping for a competition. I have been meal prepping every Sunday consistently going on five years. I initially went through withdrawals from the lack of junk food being consumed. Come to find out the reason I never felt full was my diet.  Heavy in simple carbs and low in protein, swap those two macro-nutrients and you have a more balanced diet. The eating habits I had adopted resulted in my body metabolizing the sugar as an immediate boost which caused me to feel full and sleepy because of the glucose spike. I was lacking the protein and fats that slowly digest allowing me to feel satiated.  have totally gotten used to eating variations of chicken and rice everyday, thirty plus meals a week. Hot sauce becomes your friend and you guys hang out so much that she eventually burns your taste buds permanently. Easy peasy. Everything becomes a habit, even a reflex in some instances.

When you train hard every meal is important, but what do you do if you are still full from three or four hours ago? You eat. You fight every single urge to throw away your meal and you gag it down.  Take bite of food and drink a swig of water until you meal is consumed. I love to eat. Never in a million years did I imagine that I would be force feeding myself, in perfect health.  I taught myself that drinking water enabled me to make a partially chewed meat stew in my mouth, with just the right consistency to be swallowed. The feeling that my throat closes up generally happens when I have limited time and the meal requires a speed eating. I would be a liar if I said that i have never thrown in the towel against a meal. As a matter of a fact I have thrown away many meals because I had spent half the day trying to consume it. I have always been told that food left out can make people sick and I would hate to miss a workout. Pre-meditated food waste? You will just have to find out one day for yourself, sooner than later because looking and feeling great is amazing.

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