Baby steps towards greatness.

After my mini meltdown earlier this week, I took a step back and decided I needed a break. Here’s why I did that, I needed a break from training not because my body needed it but because my mind needed it. It wasn’t  because I couldn’t handle the stress but because I needed to focus on my goals. Most of all I needed to remember how much I love and need training in my life. 

So far so good. I have been doing a lot of soul searching and I’ve come to a few solutions. First, if I’m ever going to make this a career I need to put my fitness goals first, as in diet, not skipping days, more sleep etc. Second, drinking alcohol does not fit into this life what so ever. Even on my best weeks I completely kill all the hard work I’ve put in with one night.  I have some fears with giving up alcohol again but that’s for another time. Third, I need to learn to say no. I don’t have to go to every social event and I certainly don’t need to feel the peer pressure to eat out and drink. This is another fear, I’d like to think that I have a lot of really good friends but I assume the numbers will diminish if I start saying no. Lastly, telling myself that I’m doing well, telling myself how much progress I’ve made. I need to stop breaking myself down and destroying myself mentally. I have a long road ahead of me and with the proper support I should be able to keep myself on track. 

Other than being lazy, this week has been mentally productive. I’ve slept a lot, watched some movies and hung around with some animals. Haha! Most of all I made it a goal to stick to my diet 100 percent and I’ve done just that, I’ve crushed cravings and gotten all my macros daily. So bring on the future. Bring on the changes. Bring on the challenges. It’s times show everyone what I’m capable of. It’s time to make history! 

There goals are out in the open, now its time to hold myself accountable.


Every day we hustle

Eating out with coworkers



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  1. awesome post! I’m glad you made the decision to take care of your body. (its the only place you have to live!)
    I like where you’re coming from and that you’ve public stated your goals, that’s huge! I would also advise though not to worry about the friends who drop out on you if you start saying no because if they’re a real friend they’ll understand your goals and they’ll understand it takes time to build those and thus if you have to miss the outtings or you pass on drinking with them they should understand.
    When you start moving in the right direction, there’s a saying that the wrong people fall out of your life and the right people start falling in.
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey to health and fitness! =)

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