You do what with your food?! 

August 18th 2015

I slacked a little bit this week on my meal prepping, so I’ve been bringing tons of food to work and preparing it at lunch time. It never fails though, that someone has to make a comment about how I live. All I can do is find the humor in it. Sort of like ” bro, do you even diet” NO!! Of course not! I remember the days of fast food for every meal and I don’t miss that! I remember how I looked and felt, you can keep that lifestyle. So for those of you that meal prep and those that don’t, it requires measuring AND weighing everything. Apparently that’s not common knowledge!

One of the ladies asked me, ” so you weigh everything ?” My answer was of course “yes” * insert confused stare, followed by another question * “but why?” At this point I’m  in this situation for about the thousandth time, with yet another person. My answer doesn’t get any easier, or anymore  confusing to a person than this: “because I have goals” GOT EM! She really had nothing more to say to me. Over the years I’ve found that not very many people actually have goals and they just can’t relate. It’s sad. 

If I could change one thing with the world it would be to give people goals, no matter the size. Just give them a reason to do, not exist. 

uhhhh, what does a scale have to do with food?!?!
You are what you eat, brah!
#bodybuilding #fuckaverage

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