Running for myself. 

August 17th 2015

Three years ago I was a cardio queen, I ran between three and five miles a day. I loved it. If you’ve ever ran for an extended period of time, you get a high. It’s really the closest way  to experience being high on life. Anyway, this was at the beginning of my fitness journey and I was always searching ways to become better. I already had the addiction to fitness in just a short time. It was my drug. I just wanted more and more. Having had pervious substance abuse I thought this was a perfect way to aid my idol hands.. I started looking at body builders and I just loved how the muscles and veins popped. I was like “I want to look this way” I joined LA fitness near my job so that I would hold myself accountable and go every day. I did just that. During my first few weeks I met a trainer there who explained how too much cardio will cause muscle loss and I needed to stop running…. I was skeptical, especially after I experienced his recommendation of the stair master… DUN DUUNN DUUUNNN DUUUUNNNN. I hated that darn thing but I had goal that I needed to reach!! That was when I pretty much said goodbye to my daily runs, other than an occasional three miler here or there. Three months ago I decided I was finally happy with the amount of muscle I had and that I wanted to start up running again. At first I hated it but as the weeks went on my times and distances improved and I had that addiction back! 

Tonight I accomplished my longest run in the history of running.  I ran ten miles in one hour and fifty two minutes. I set in goal tonight for five miles but I just couldn’t stop running. I feel incredible. I feel like a warrior. I feel like how I picture myself one day. I want to be great at everything. FUCK AVERAGE. This is who I am. Sure, you may say that other athletes could easily stomp my time… That’s fine because this isn’t about anyone but myself. I am here to better myself. I put my blinders on years ago so that I focus on what I’m doing. So, watch me do that! 


i couldnt make any cool GPS trails today.
My hair was basically in a wad. I may never brush it again.

#fatloss #cardio #fuckaverage 

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